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Aluminum Alloy Ingot & Die-casting Parts

Department of Aluminum Material

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We supply a complete range of secondary aluminium ingots produced domestically. In addition, we also suppliy a wide range of aluminium scrap including extrusions, taint/tabor, tense, talon, litho, and can scrap.

Our team have many years of aluminum refining expertise, particularly in Asia, enabling the Company to take advantage of fluctuating markets and changing circumstances. We have developed our market presence through trust and loyalty, which is enhanced by our total commitment to our customers.

With regard to the quality of our aluminum alloy product, we constantly devote a lot of time and efforts on innovation and development of our production. Our QC Lab is equiped with european-made testing machines, in order to reach the aim of high quality, which is also our commitment to our customers.

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We produce a wide range of aluminum die castings, from simple to complex designs, for example: electronic components, auto parts & Industrial hardware components etc.

With the professional knowledge and technology from Taiwan, we aim to provide the best to the market and always focus on development of production, in order to grow up profit margin for customers.