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Auto Part

Department of Rim Production

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With state of the art designs and high technology plus long experience from our enthusiastic technicians, we are confident and happy to provide our customers with the best qualified products.

We are the official supplier of automobile manufacturers in Vietnam (THACO-KIA, VINAMAZDA and GM DEAWOO). Besides, we also serve customers from many countries worldwide including: France, Spain, Belgium, Turkey, Lithuania, Cyprus, Malta, New Zealand, Thailand and other Asian countries.


Equipments and Facility

We produce modern-designed rim with advanced production equipments and technology. The products are inspected by high-tech lab to ensure our products meet the requirements of customer's standard.

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Production Equipments

We have a complete set of production equipments including:

  • Aluminum Continued Melting and Holding Furnace
  • Solution T4 & T6 Heat Treatment Furnace
  • Gravity Casting M/C
  • Low Pressure Casting M/C
  • Center Drill M/C
  • CNC Lathe M/C
  • Machining Center M/C
  • Aluminum Wheel Painting Line
  • Nano Painting Line
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Lab Facility

In order to ensure the product quality meets customer's reauirements, we set up our own QC Lab to control the production processes and the output. Our testing equipments include:

  • X-ray Inspection M/C
  • Air Leakage Testing M/C
  • Wheel Balancer
  • 13 Degree Impact Testing M/C
  • 30 & 90 Degree Impact Testing M/C
  • Dynamic Cornering Fatigue Testing M/C
  • Dynamic Radial Fatigue Testing M/C
  • Universal Testing M/C
  • Spectrometer